Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sanderling Study

Watching the flocks of Sanderling's chase receding waves, and then, to only run away from them when they return, has a mesmerizing effect on me. This is a little shore bird study, along with his shadow on the sand, reminds me of the warmth of the sun, the sea air, and how calming it is to watch nature at play.


  1. Beautiful, Roxanne! - I just love the hints of blue in the bird's feathers...

  2. How nice it is to have a reminder of the beautiful surf and sand of South Carolina, especially now as I look outside and see snow blowing sideways past the window!
    Happy New Year Roxanne! I enjoyed spending the morning painting you!

  3. Lovely painting Roxanne. Love the way you painted the receding waves and the edge of the sand.